We are all about what you need !

We aim to give you information on whatever you need to make your experience abroad a success but also whatever makes you happy! On the Waya App you will be able to find legal and administrative information but also all kinds of opportunities to help you not only settle, but also feel at home.

And about giving you the best experience

The content is important but how you access that content is too ! Our goal with the Waya App is to give you the best user experience.


Which languages ?

We will start with Franch, Arabic, Chinese and English. Learning the local language is important, but when you've just arrived you need to be sure that you fully understand everything that you are doing to avoid surprises later.More languages will be added later on !

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Easy to use

How exactly?

We're working with UX designers whose goal it is to create an incredibly accessible and intuitive user experience. Join the beta testing team and test everything we will come up with in the next few weeks. We're looking forward to get your feedback!

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The power of communities

Support your community and get easy access to its wisdom

The Waya App will naturally suggest to you all the information, services and products which your community is accessing. You will also be able to ask opinions and tips regarding specific opportunities to other members of your communities who have recommended them.

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A smart Chatbot

A smart Chatbot

We are working on a chatbot that will allow you to ask in your language the questions you have about your new life 24/7.

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A social business

A social business

Waya is a social business ! Our goal is to support you in your new life and to make sure that the host society has the tools to welcome you in the best possible way. Whatever money we make is reinvested to serve you in the best possible way.

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